The word Nya means girl in the Nuer language. The Nuer are one of the largest tribes in South Sudan. Traditionally the Nuer use the word Nya as an indication that the name is a girl's name or referring to a girl. Eden is the paradise of which humanity began, according to the Book of Genesis in the Old Testament. Eden is a place where all of Earth's problems cease to be. We felt NyaEden was the perfect name for an organization that aims to give girls and women of war a feeling of Safety, Empowerment, Independence, Dignity, Greater Self Esteem, and Self Respect.

Our Vision:

The ultimate goal of NyaEden Foundation is to provide basic survival necessities to disadvantaged women and children throughout Africa. 

Our Mission:

NyaEden aims to give women and children a sense of dignity and independence by providing them with products that they need for their daily lives. These kits are not only important to their well being, it is also a way to foster independence.

Two Phases

The Founders of NyaEden will start with Phase 1, which will begin by supplying girls and women of war with safety and hygienic kits. These kits will include solar power rechargeable flashlights, which can mean the difference between life and death in a war zone or refugee camp. Basic needs for their everyday survival such as feminine hygiene products (maxi-pads) underwear, soap, a comb, notebooks and pens, backpacks and backpack locks and fresh bottled water. For those that choose to sponsor a child or woman, they can include a letter, a picture and anything else that they feel would be of help or make those in need more comfortable.

In  Phase 2,we plan to open a women and girls community health center. We will provide specialized help for those who have been traumatized, especially by abuse and rape used as a weapon of war. We would like to provide medical care, specialized healing, as well as vocational training, and create a safe environment where girls and women no longer feel scared, isolated and lonely. 

We will have empowerment and vocational workshops, and provide a safe environment for women and children who have suffered the damaging affects of war and violent conflict. We want to provide for them, a hope of a new tomorrow, and much needed increased self esteem and leadership skills. We want to give them aspirations and achievable plans, and help them to find the beauty and strength within themselves, that has been tragically stolen by war and genocide. 

How Can You Help

Right now our substantial and most important needs, are financial contributions towards obtaining our self-contained non-profit status and start up costs. Due to space confinement and shipping costs, it is easier and more financially feasible for us to buy the items in bulk and assemble the kits ourselves. However if you choose to sponsor a woman or child, you can send a letter, a picture and any other item that you feel is appropriate, and we will make sure that particular safety kit, has your name and items included. You can make a a donation safely online using the PayPal link below. Every little bit helps, towards Saving the Lives of Women and Children of War.  

Both Phase 1 and Phase 2 of our projects will begin in South Sudan, where we feel there is the most urgent need, and dire conditions due to the current genocide taking place there. Then we will expand our projects to other war torn afflicted areas of Africa. 


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