Nyamal in Gambella, Ethiopia 2015.

Nyamal in Gambella, Ethiopia 2015.

How you can help us make a change

You can create a lasting and personal bond by sponsoring a child or a woman of war. Sponsorship can include a letter: you can correspond directly with the female you are helping. Together we can help save children and women's lives, provide safety materials, and provide them with hope for the future. When you sponsor a refugee, you're sponsoring someone who needs your help to reach their full potential for a brighter future, specifically girls and women who need to hear your voice standing behind them in their fight and they need you to be their voice when they might never be heard.


Sponsorship includes much needed financial help. For as little as $75 or more dollars you can help pay for the safety and well being of a girl and women of war. That's one life changed, entirely because of you. When you donate you become a Field Partner. Your donation will help us deliver emergency safety and hygiene kits, and invest in the lives of victims of armed conflict. Your lifesaving gift will help us to act fast and help women and children of war who desperately need our help. If you would like further financial information, please request it by emailing us at :, and we will provide it for you.

With your help, we can provide these girls and women of war, with a hope of a new tomorrow, healing physically and mentally, and much needed increased self esteem and leadership skills. We can give them aspirations and achievable plans, and help them to find the beauty and strength within themselves, that has been tragically stolen by war and genocide.

Thank you in advance for helping us work toward changing the lives of victims of war and violent conflict. The work of repairing our broken world may never be complete, we all must take responsibility for some corner; no matter how small we may think our efforts are, the impact cannot be measured. Any amount large or small, can make a  difference. You can donate safely and securely online via Stripe,  through our website.   


NyaEden Foundation would also like to provide girls with with scholarships for primary and secondary education. We believe that education will provide a way to bridge gender inequality in African countries. With your help we can foster a a bright future for girls who otherwise would not have access to education.  

We believe that when you empower a woman, you empower everyone around her and with your help you can help us make this goal into a reality.


Supply List: 

Cloth Menstrual Pads and Carrying Case

Reproductive Health Education Materials

Mosquito Nets

Solar Powered Flashlights

Backpacks (with School and Art Supplies)


Mirrors with Hard Case



Wash Cloth

Hair Picks