Kuoth Wiel

Kuoth Wiel was born to a Sudanese mother and father in Itang, Ethiopia. Due to the war in Sudan, her parents managed to escape to Ethiopia. In 1998 her family resettled to the United States. She attended Augsburg University and graduated with a degree in Social Psychology. She is an actress and model based in Los Angeles, California.

In high school, she volunteered for the Big Brothers and Big Sisters, a mentorship program in Southern Minnesota. She also excelled in athletic programs. She was involved in church youth groups and advocated for the Sudanese refugee community.

She attended Augsburg College in Minneapolis. During her years at Augsburg University, she became an active member of the Trio Program and the Pan African Student Union (PASU). In Minneapolis, she served in the community at The East African Women Center providing resources to women from various parts of East Africa. She also volunteered to provide psychological services to immigrants from East Africa. During her time at Augsburg University, she conducted extensive research on mental Illness and trauma with a focus on Sudanese refugees. She graduated from Augsburg College with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Psychology.

Kuoth’s passion and dedication to serving her community extend to the big screen where she landed her first movie role in “The Good Lie,” starring Reese Witherspoon. It is a story that depicts the history of The Lost Boys and Girls of Sudan where she starred as “Abital Deng,” a lost girl.

She continues to be active in the South Sudanese community working with youth to get them involved in peaceful advocacy. Kuoth is involved in many humanitarian organizations advocating for refugees and human rights.

Kuoth is currently pursuing her career in acting and modeling in Los Angeles, California and using her voice to advocate for peace in South Sudan and women's rights globally.